Company MathWorks
Posting Date 1/26/2007
Job Location Natick, MA, USA
Description The MathWorks develops tools that generate embedded software from high-level graphical and textual programming environments. These tools are changing the way that engineers design embedded systems. Come be part of the model-based design revolution.

Our team works on compiling the very dynamic MATLAB language to embeddedable C code. Come be part of the team and help us grow the supported subset, improve the quality of the generated code, and increase our integration into Simulink and MATLAB.

You will be expected to participate with enthusiasm in all stages of software design, coding, testing, and maintenance.

Qualifications * Implement new features in small teams or individually.
* Coordinate your work with affected teams.
* Provide code reviews.
* Write unit tests and coordinate the testing strategy with quality engineers.
* Provide technical reviews of documentation.
* Mentor new team members.
* Continuously and creatively improve our processes.
* Refactor code aggressively to keep our code base maintainable.
* Promptly fix reported bugs.
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